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What can Kaweb offer as a Twitter marketing agency?

As a Twitter marketing agency, we know that Twitter has become one of the biggest social media platforms for businesses. But writing an occasional tweet and taking a stab in the dark at a potentially relevant hashtag just won’t cut it if you want to get more business through the platform.

We produce highly relevant copy for your tweets that’s designed to engage your target audience. And we do this consistently because that’s how to increase brand awareness, drive more website traffic and see a return on investment.

Twitter is a ‘go go go’ platform. So, our experts are reactive as well as offer quality reporting. That means that you can see how the strategies we implement on Twitter drive you more conversions, whether that’s B2C or B2B.

Why work with Kaweb, a Twitter marketing agency?

  • Better brand communication with your audience – stay on the pulse, maximise Twitter Moments and grow your followers
  • Work with social media specialists – experts at enhancing your brand’s presence on Twitter
  • Improved website conversions – over time, watch your website traffic and conversions grow as your engagement does

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Our Twitter services include:

Did you know that people spend 26% more time looking at Twitter Ads compared to any other platform? Well, we’re a Twitter marketing agency in Birmingham. So, we know that adding your company name to your bio, and having a few ad hoc posts just won’t cut it if your goal is to drive more business. With over 16 million active Twitter users in the United Kingdom in 2020, you need to invest time to understand exactly who your audience is, so your account targets the right people, and doesn’t get lost in the sea of tweets.

Researching and crafting copy

Researching and crafting copy

We dig deep into real data to see who your audience really is, and then produce targeted, engaging copy to focus on

Competitor research

Competitor research

We stay ahead of the game, so we dive in to what your competitors are doing, and pinpoint what’s working, and what’s not, so we can do more of the good stuff to push results

Effective reporting on Twitter

Effective reporting on Twitter

We regularly look at the month’s activity and see how we can improve it, and where we’re getting the most engagement